3 on 0 - High Slot

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Hockey Drills - 3 on 0 with pass to trailer in High Slot

Skill:    Skating with the puck, controlling the goalie, rink awareness

Purpose:    Controlling the goalie and creating a high percentage shot when in a 3 on 0 scenario against the goalie.

Directions:    Skaters form lines at the blue line. At the directions of the leader skaters attack the goal. Player with the puck draws goalie to strong side while player without puck positions on weak side (backdoor) of goalie readying for a last second pass. The 3rd man skates in no lower than the high slot ready to receive a pass to set up the final shot. The high slot player after receiving the pass can shoot or pass again to one of the wings set up in the low slot depending on how he reads the goalie. If goalie pulls to strong side then puck handler should pass to weak side.  If goalie tries to cover weak side and opens a hole then puck handler should shoot. End result is for a quality shot on goal high slot, backdoor, or strong side. 

Variations:    Goalie begins play by making long distance pass out to the blue line players. Start the drill with the center giving an area pass to one of the boards just across the blue line.