Angle of Attack (AOA)

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Hockey Drills - Angle of Attack (AOA)

Skill:    Angle of Attack on goal, area Passing/Receiving, timing

Purpose:    Increase quality shot on goal by setting up a good angle of attack.

Directions:    Skaters form 2 lines  at the Center line. At the direction of the leader the first skater in a line  skates wide to the boards and enters the offensive zone. Around the top of the circles the skater begins to angle in towards the goal. The first skater in the opposite line makes an area pass to the attacking skater. The attacking skater makes a quick shot on goal and returns to the back of the opposite line. The passer then runs a mirror of the drill receiving a pass from the first skater in the opposite line.

Variations:    Receive and Control the pass anywhere along the AOA, attempt one-timers, attempt redirects.