Angling (def) and Cutbacks (off)

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Angling and Cutbacks

Skill:    Defensive angling, offensive cutbacks. Quick hands and feet, deception, and quick reactions.

Purpose:    Develop angling/trapping defensive skills in the offensive zone. Angling the puck handler to the area you want and preventing any cutbacks. Develop offensive skills in the defensive zone. Using the net and cutbacks to break free of defensive trapping. Develop read and react skills both offense and defense.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines above the blue line. At the direction of the leader the puck handler (PH) skates along the boards to the net. The defenseman tracks the skater to the goal line then tries to angle the PH to an outside lane. The PH can cut back to the strong side of the net, skate past the net then cut back on the weak side of the net, or continue around the boards and vary his speed to beat the defenseman to the blue line. The defenseman uses angling skills to control the PH to the blue line. The PH uses deception skills to fool the defenseman and get to the blue line free of any opposition.

Variations:    Once the PH is nearing the blue line the defenseman releases then a 1 on 1 to the net begins (Defenseman follow the 3 Rules of Defense). Start the drill from either side to build control in both directions.