Backdoor - Using the Secret Zone

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Hockey Drills - Backdoor attack

Skill:    Timing the pass, preventing off-sides, using the whole rink (Space), controlling the goalie, rink awareness, position responsibility

Purpose:    Develop a player's ability to time his zone pass to the wing with no off-sides allowed. Develop a shooter's ability to send a long pass around the boards. Develop a center's skill to attack the goal and pull a goalie to the strong side. Develop position responsibility and rink awareness.

Directions:    Cones are set up to force wingers to swing around them to receive a pass. Players are set up 3 High at the center line around the face off circle. Wing lines take turns at being a shooter as each group gets a few repetitions at being a shooter. At the directions of the leader the shooting winger skates to the boards and swings around the cone heading for the blue line. The center times a zone pass across the blue line to bank off the boards in front of the attacking winger (if winger goes off-side or pass does not cross blue, start sequence over). The passing winger swings around his cone and skates along the board to end up past the red line underneath his face off circle ready to receive a pass along the boards from the shooting winger and watching for the positioning of the center's stick. The shooting winger skates along the boards and about the middle of his face off circle passes along the board through the quiet and secret zone to the passing winger while the center rushes to the strong side of the lower slot ready to receive a pass from the passing winger.  The shooting winger skates past the redline and sneaks into the back door position as the passing winger is receiving the puck. The passing winger quickly makes a tape-to-tape pass to the center. If the goalie is pulled to their strong side then the center quickly passes tape-to-tape to the shooting wing at the back door. If the goalie tries to cover the back door and opens up a hole then the center shoots at an opening. It is very important that the Center pulls the goalie and does not get to close that the goalie can poke check the pass to the shooting winger. The shooting winger shot should be a one timer. Tape-to-tape passing and the body direction/positioning for receiving passes should be watched and corrected.  

Variations:    This is a difficult drill using many skills. Once the kids get it they will use it. Break down the drill into pieces. The pass along the boards will take some work for strength. Positioning of the center and passing winger are critical. Timing of the shooting winger sneaking in will require some work.