Blue Line (or 2 Dots) Relay Pass 

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Blue Line (or 2 Dots) Relay Pass

Skill:    Passing and Receiving stance, receiving a pass on the stick with cushion, passing with accuracy using the 3 zones of a pass.

Purpose:    Skater uses tape to tape method of passing for developing accuracy. Skater develops stance/balance and hand/eye coordination used to receive, control, and pass accurately. Skater learns to cushion while receiving a pass and uses all 3 zones (load, aim/fire, follow) in sending a pass. Stance should be 1/4 turn from the opposite side skater (skater faces goal line or face-off line depending on stick hand).

Directions:    Cones can be setup in the drill area to create lane targets on each end of the blueline drill. Skaters are lined up on the Blue line a stick's length wide outside of the passing area to allow full stick motion by passer and receiver. At the directions of the leader the puck is passed along the blue line to the tape of the receiver at the other end. The passer then skates to the back of the receiver side line. The receiver cushions the pass and sends it back along the blue line to the next passer. Receiver then skates to the back of the passer line. Focus is on accuracy and form before speed. The group should be able to do 2 - 3 repetitions within 1 minute.

Variations:    Can be used as a warm-up using the 2 face-off circles dots and passing through the slot. Can be used easily when running stationed drills. Skill set can be sweep pass, saucer pass, backhand pass, or backhand saucer pass, static pass or skating into pass.