Inline Breakout - Safety 'D'

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Hockey Drills - Inline Breakout to Safety 'D' Opt 4

Hockey Drills - Inline Breakout to Safety 'D' Opt 4

Hockey Drills - Inline Breakout to Safety 'D' Opt 4

Hockey Drills - Inline Breakout to Safety 'D' Opt 4

Skill:    Rink awareness, position responsibility, timing, control of puck, accurate zone passing, accurate tape to tape passing. 

Purpose:    Develop a standard TEAM defensive zone break out that assigns specific responsibilities to specific positions for moving the puck out of the Defensive Zone. Develops players ability to react to specific game scenarios to control the puck, support the defenseman with the puck, and move the puck quickly out of the zone while maintaining control. This control should enhance and quicken the transition from defense to offense by keeping the puck in motion.

Directions:    Player 1 and 2 are forwards and are responsible for the points. These are mirror positions and we will refer player 1 as the strong side and player 2 as the weak side. Player 3 is responsible for the coverage of the low slot. Player 4 is responsible for getting control of the puck and quarterbacking the breakout.

4a.    Players roll into their breakout positions as the game transitions from defense to offense. Players 1 and 2 skate to the boards towards the puck around the top of the face-off circles. Player 3 skates to cover the low slot. Player 4 gets the puck. There should be no assignment of any of these positions. The players should make these decisions. Closest one to the puck becomes player 4. Second closest becomes player 3. The other 2 need to determine which board they will skate to.

4b.    Player 4 rolls to the strong side. Player 3 rolls out of the slot to the weak side goalie line and becomes an escape outlet. Player 1 readies to receive a pass from player 4. Player 2 starts to cut towards just high of the high slot.

4c.    Player 1 or the strong side of the rink is covered so Option 1 and Option 2 are gone. Player 2 is covered sees this and cuts across to the high slot to free up Player 3. Player 4 passes to Player 3 behind the net or just in front of the net to the weak side corner. Player 3 receives the pass and looks to pass to Player 1 cutting across the high slot.  Player 2  continues down rink into the offensive zone in the new weak side lane heading toward the net. Player 1 received the zone pass from Player 3 and is heading into the offensive zone in the new strong side lane. Player 4 rolled to the middle lane and trails behind players 1 and 2 becoming an outlet pass in the high slot of the offensive zone. Player 4 should not enter the offensive zone any lower than the high slot. This forms an attacking triangle to create scoring options. Player 3 trails behind the group supporting the area needed becoming the last man back.

4d.    Player 1 has scoring options. 

Player 1 can pass to the trailing Player 4 in the high slot who can see the rink better and is in a better quarterbacking situation. Player 4 can then shoot or quickly pass to player 1 or Player 2 for a better shot on goal. 

Player 1 can make a weak side pass to Player 2 for a backdoor shot on goal. Player 1 should ensure that the goalie has pulled to the strong side opening the backdoor for Player 2.

Player 1 can shoot if the goalie shows him a hole. Player 2 and player 4 should follow in to pick up any rebounds.

Variations:    See Option 1, 2, and 3