Cops and Robbers (Playing the body)

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Hockey Drills - Cops and Robbers (Playing the body)

Skill:    Playing the body defensively, puck handling, 1 on 1

Purpose:    Learn to play the body instead of looking at the puck defensively. Learn how to maneuver around an opponent who is playing the body.

Directions:    Cones are in place to identify where contact can begin and where it MUST end. Robbers have the puck (F) and Cops are the chasers (D). At the directions of the leader robbers skate past the blue heading for the redline cone. Cops pursue and try to stop the robber against the board only after their shoulder is ahead of the robber's. Contact must be legal and should only be used to pull the robber over and stopping his offensive attack, no hitting or shoving should be tolerated. Careful directions from the coach must be clear as to what type and level of contact is allowed.

Variations:    None