Cross-Drop 2 on 0 / 1

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Hockey Drills - Cross-Drop 2 on 0

Skill:    Tape to zone passing, rink awareness, puck movement, 2 on 0 attacking.

Purpose:    Develop strong offensive zone control skills. Develop fast/accurate offensive attacks.  Develop offensive puck control for 2 on 0 situations.

Directions:    Cones are placed at points of action to aid skaters. Player A passes to Player B who has skated into the high slot for a criss-cross action. Player B now skates with the puck around the bottom cone heading for the top cone. Player A at the same time is skating around the top cone heading for the bottom cone. Player B makes a drop pass to Player A between the cones, changing the direction of the puck. Player B continues to skate around the top cone while Player A skates around the bottom cone with the puck, both heading for the goal.

It is important that Player B is at least a little further than a goalie stick length from the goalie on the weak side so that a pass can not be poke checked away.

Player A meanwhile is skating to the goal trying to pull the goalie to the strong side and showing that he is going to shoot. If the goalie pulls to the strong side Player A passes to Player B for a one timer in the back door. If the goalie shows a hole then Player A takes the shot.

Variations:    Player A and B perform another criss-cross and drop pass in the high slot after rounding the cones for the attack on goal. For a 2 on 1 add a defenseman.