Cross Pick 20 (setting a X pick)

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Cross Pick 20 (setting a X pick)

Skill:    Puck handling, cutbacks, timing/crossing to set a pick. Create odd man rushes using deception and quick reactions.

Purpose:    Develop Outside-In attack strategies (draw the defense wide and create an odd man rush in the middle). Develop quick skating and strong puck handling skills to make a quick lateral move with the puck while at the same time loading the stick for a quick/hard/accurate shot on goal. Create an odd man rush in even strength attacks using deception/picks/timing.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines above the blue line wide. At the direction of the leader the puck handler (PH) skates towards the top of the circle, makes a quick lateral cut to the slot. The opposite line skates toward the slot and cuts in front of the PH setting a pick to cross up any man on man coverage. During the pick the PH can pass to the Pick man (if he was let free) or just cut laterally (if he was left free) and take a quick/hard/accurate shot.

Variations:    Designate the type of shot to be taken.