Cycle Offense

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Hockey Drills - Cycle Offense

Skill:    Area passing and timing, skating, shooting, and puck handling

Purpose:    Creating 2 on 1 situations in offensive corners. Cycling the puck and timing passes

Directions:    Skaters form 2 lines at center ice. At the directions of the leader the F1 shoots on goal long range. The goalie gains control and throws the puck to any corner he chooses. The strong side F picks up the puck and skates along the boards. The weak side F supports at net then supports in the corner. Strong side F cycles the puck off the boards about the hash mark of the face-off circle and immediately cuts to the net. The weak side F gains control of the puck and immediately gives an area pass to the other F who takes a shot on goal.

Variations:    Add a 3rd line to soft pressure the strong side F