Dekes/Wingspan 101 (wide wingspan)

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Hockey Drills - Dekes 101 (increasing the wingspan)

Skill:    Puck Handling while looking, Dekes/Wingspan (range left to right while in correct skating stance), stability, balance transfer, and edge control

Purpose:    Increase puck handling skills (control). Increase wingspan of puck control.

Directions:    Skaters line up below the goalie line. At the direction of the leader the first skater in each line  skates with a puck up through the center lane of the cones. As the skater approaches each set of cones the reach range of the deke should be extended (this works both the forehand and backhand control). This means that as the skater approaches the right cone he should move the puck as far to the right as possible while maintaining control and keeping his body/skates in the center lane (as far to the left as possible on the left cones). As the skater completes the course he performs a tight turn or pivot over the blue line, keeps control of the puck, traverses back through the deke/wingspan course, then makes a pass to the next skater in line.

Variations:    Can be used as a station drill.