Escape with High Slot Support

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Escape with High Slot Support

Skill:    Read and React, tight turns, timing/support, shooting

Purpose:    Develop options for attacking the net from the side while the middle is crowded.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines, one on each side of the rink. At the direction of the leader the Skaters begin their routes.  Skater 1 skates into the offensive zone in a side lane and reads that the center is clogged. Near the bottom of the circle Skater 1 escapes/tight turns towards the boards heading back to the blue line. Skater 2 times his support to be crossing the blue line into the high slot as Skater 1 is nearing the top of the circle. Skater 1 gives an area pass to Skater 2 who makes a quick/hard/accurate shot on net.

Variations:    The escape can be deeper in the offensive zone and the support can be to the middle or low slot.