Escape and Attack

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Escape Attack

Skill:    Puck handling, tight turns, and 1 on 0 attacking strategies.

Purpose:    Develop PH skills at speed and controlling the puck with speed through tight turns. Develop quick skating and strong puck handling skills and use deception to beat a player in 1 on 1 situations. Make quick, fast, and hard attacks on net.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines below the goal line in the corners just wide of their circle face off dots. At the direction of the leader the puck handler (PH) skates towards the top of the circle, makes a quick escape/tight turn towards the boards then quickly attacks goal. The PH then skates to the back of the opposite line. The opposite line mirrors the drill so both tight turn directions are worked.

Variations:    Designate the type of shot to be taken. The opposite start line can be a support man high or low instead of mirroring.