Give and Go Cycle (point and wing)

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Hockey Drills - Give and Go with position cycle (point and wing)

Skill:    Timing and accuracy of the bump pass, timing and accuracy of the zone pass, using the whole rink, rink awareness, position responsibility

Purpose:    Develop a player's ability of timing and accuracy of a bump pass and  zone pass. Defense passing to the wing with no off-sides allowed. Develop a shooter's ability to recognize when and where to pass. Develop position responsibility and rink awareness.

Directions:    Cones are placed strategically to mimic attackers so passing must occur through recognized lanes. Players are set up 4 High at the center line near the boards. The drill is worked on both sides of the rink. At the directions of the leader the defenseman zone passes across the blue to a forward. The forward skates with the puck to the red line while the defenseman sets up at point. The forward stops at the redline, gets control of the puck, LOOKS. and bump passes back to the point. The defenseman gets control of the puck, LOOKS, and bump passes back to the forward at the redline.  As soon as the defenseman sees that the forward will have control of the puck he rushes into the high slot looking for an open lane to receive a pass from the forward. The forward makes a zone pass into the slot to the defenseman and then cycles to the defensive point position. The defenseman gets control of the puck and shoots on goal then cycles to the forward's old position at the red line. Once the two are in ready stance in their new positions the drill is complete.

Variations:    This is a difficult drill using many skills. Once the kids get it they will use it. Break down the drill into pieces. The bump passes will take some work for accuracy and strength (use the 3 zones of passing). Make sure the passer looks at the receiver and does not just throw a pass to an area. Make sure passer has control of the puck before he releases. Make sure positions are cycled correctly and the kids understand the importance of this coverage.