Give n Go in the Defensive Zone (strong side support)

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Give n Go Defesive Zone strong side suport

Skill:    Puck support/control, passing and receiving (area and redirects), timing and accuracy. Position cycling.

Purpose:    Develop strong side Puck Support timing skills at speed in the defensive zone. Develop puck handling skills and use deception to beat a player in 2 on 1 situations. Make quick read and react decisions with the ability to adapt to various situations. Take advantage of the forward speed of a defenseman while providing support under the defense of your opponent.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines. One line is below the goal line in the corner. The other line is above the blue line in the center of the rink. At the direction of the leader the puck handler (PH) skates behind the net and makes an area pass to the supporting player (somewhere between the top or middle of the circle) on the boards.  The support player times his support getting to the receiving area (depends on the area the 2 on 1 exists) with Just In Time (JIT) support. The support player redirects/tips the puck into the skating lane of the PH. The PH cuts to the inside of the defense and picks up the puck the support man tipped. The PH skates above the blue line. The support player curls toward the slot and becomes a defenseman. Finish with a 1 on 1 attack on goal. The skaters go to the back of the opposite line.

Variations:    Mirror the drill on the opposite side. Use cones to simulate defensemen to adjust necessary support areas and lanes.