High Defense Breakout

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Hockey Drills - High Defense Breakout

Skill:    Long range area passing, speed and control of puck, accuracy zone passing using the boards, accuracy tape to tape passing, and route timing. 

Purpose:    Develop a quick TEAM defensive zone break out that assigns specific responsibilities to specific positions for moving the puck out of the Defensive Zone. Develops players ability to react to specific game scenarios to control the puck, support the defenseman with the puck, and move the puck quickly out of the zone  and across the Blue Line while maintaining control.

Directions:    Cones can be placed at points of action to aid skaters. Skaters are in 3 High Formation on the center line. At the directions of the leader the forward makes a long range area pass about 10 feet across the Blue Line. Both defensemen skate across the Blue Line. The defenseman closest to the puck retrieves it and makes a D to D roll pass to the other defenseman. The forward follows his pass to the strong side then cuts across the rink when the first defenseman makes the D to D roll pass. The second Defenseman receives the D to D roll pass and passes to the cutting forward tape to tape or an area pass off the boards. The key is to create a flow of constant movement of the puck and recognizing the importance of timing and accuracy.