Neutral/Defense zone Breakout 3 on 2

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Hockey Drills - Neutral/Defense zone Breakout 3 on 2

Skill:    Timing the long range pass, preventing off-sides, using the whole rink, rink awareness, position responsibility, using defense-to-defense passing to clear puck, 3 on 2 attack

Purpose:    Develop a player's ability to time his zone pass to the wing with no off-sides allowed. Develop a shooter's ability to recognize when to pass and when to clear the blue. Develop a center's skill to attack the puck. Develop position responsibility and rink awareness.

Directions:    Players are set up 5 High at the center line around the face off circle. Wing lines take turns at being a long range passer as each group gets a few repetitions. At the directions of the leader the passing winger makes a long range pass cross rink and crossing the blue into the defensive zone. At the time of the pass both defenders enter the defensive zone. One defender skates to retrieve the puck while the others sets up at the opposite face off circle ready to provide support. At the point the defender chasing the puck starts to get control the center attacks the puck handler. Defensive puck handler must decide whether to pass across to other defenseman or bank pass to a waiting winger to clear the blue. If the puck handler passes to the other defenseman he bank passes to the waiting winger on his side. Once the puck clears the blue the center must get back on side across the blue also. The 2 wingers and the center then make a 3 on 2 attack on goal (no off sides allowed in the attack, puck crosses first). The 3 on 2 attack may take any form the attackers wish but should somehow use a triangle, quiet zone, secret zone, or back door if possible. Attackers should stay wide and stay open. Defenders should work together to protect the house and attack the puck handler.

Variations:    This is a difficult drill using many skills. Once the kids get it they will use it. Break down the drill into pieces. The long range pass across rink will take some work for strength and accuracy (use the 3 zones of the pass). Getting the attackers to attack with a plan will take some work.