Neutral Zone Breakout 01

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Hockey Drills - Neutral Zone Breakout 01

Skill:    Tape to zone passing, rink awareness, puck movement, 2 on 2 attacking.

Purpose:    Develop strong offensive zone control skills. Develop fast/accurate offensive attacks.  Develop offensive puck control for 2 on 2 situations.

Directions:    Two lines are formed at half rink on each side of the boards. Two players from both lines will be involved in the drill. The first player in each line is a defenseman and the second are wings. One side has pucks. The defenseman with the puck skates back toward his defensive zone to regroup. He is trailed by the wing in his line for strong side support  and supported by the weak side defenseman from the 2nd line for weak side support. The situation simulates that the D2D pass can't be made and there is pressure on the puck carrying defenseman. 

1. The puck carrying defenseman cycles the puck on same boards back to his strong side supporting wing.

2. This wing then passes the puck to the weak side defenseman. 

3. As the defenseman receives this pass the wing from the second line starts to cut and roll to the high slot. The defenseman area passes to the wing in the high slot.

4. The wing catches and controls the pass and both wings exit the defensive zone over the blue line. The defensemen regroup and prepare for a 2 on 2 attack on goal. The two wings attack goal 2 on 2.


Puck must cross the blue line first, no off-sides allowed.