North-South Transition (eye on puck)

Skill:    Skating, edge control, rink awareness.

Purpose:    Develop ability to change directions width ways on the rink without losing sight of the puck.

Directions:    Cones are placed at points of action to aid skaters. As many courses as possible are created to increase the number of repetitions of the team. Skaters are distributed evenly between the number of courses.

At the directions of the leader, skaters maneuver around the cones in a 'Figure 8' path. At each cone that they round a transition from forward skating to backward skating is made. Eyes and chest are always facing the Center rink line (tracking the puck). Skater runs the path 5 times before the next skater in his line starts.

Variations:    Leaders position themselves as a puck and skaters always maintain eye contact.