Offense Defense 2 (Tracking)

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Offense Defense 2 (Tracking)


Skill:    Tracking your opponent, tape to zone passing using boards. 1 on 1 puck handling. 1 on 1 defensive strategies (3 Rules of Defense).

Purpose:    Develop angling/tracking skills. Develop strong defensive control skills. Develop accuracy tape to zone passes using the boards. Develop offensive puck control for 1 on 1 situations.

Directions:    Offensemen are in line at either of the quiet zones. Defensemen are in line below face-off circle at the goal line. At the directions of the leader the first offenseman in line skates and receives a bank pass off the board from the first defenseman in line. Defense tracks the puck handler to the blue line and releases to set up for defense. Offenseman skates above the blue line and enters the slot for a 1 on 1 attack and a shot on goal. Defense tries their best to keep offense out of the danger zone and take away lanes, angles, and any high percentage shots on goal (3 Rules of Defense). Extra instruction should be given to defense to make sure they look at and control the body of the offense player not the puck.