Outside-In (Quick Cut and Shoot)

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Outside-In (Quick Cut to the slot and Shoot)

Skill:    Puck handling, cutbacks, setting up for a quick/hard/accurate shot. Creating deception and quick reactions.

Purpose:    Develop quick skating and strong puck handling skills to make a quick lateral move with the puck while at the same time loading the stick for a quick/hard/accurate shot on goal.

Directions:   Skaters are in 2 lines above the blue line wide. At the direction of the leader the puck handler (PH) skates towards the top of the circle, makes a quick lateral cut to the slot and takes a hard shot on net. The skater then returns to the back of the opposite line so both directions are worked. The leader or a series of cones can be set at the top of the circles to control the necessary distance of the lateral cut desired.

Variations:    Designate the type of shot to be taken.