Puck Control - Backhand

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Skill:    Cupping the puck to keep control, adjusting blade/cup angle for entry and exit points

Purpose:    Develop a player's ability to control the puck using only the backhand side of the blade. Only correct cupping of the puck will allow the skater to move fluidly through the cones using only the backhand. Skaters should develop to keep the puck ahead of them then to follow the puck around the cones. Strong development of the backhand will transfer to a better understanding and use of the forehand puck handling.

Directions:    Cones are set up in a line from the goalie line to the blue line for the skaters to circle around. Skaters maneuver around the cones using only the backhand side of their stick. Players should exit one cone at a good angle to enter the next cone (watch over steering on cone exits). After getting to the top of the cones they skate across the blue line, perform a tight turn or pivot, and traverse back through the cones again. After  the last cone they pass the puck to the next skater in line. 

If they lose they puck they must pick it up with their backhand. Make sure left and right handers are circling the cones using "their back hands". 

Variations:    Increase the stagger of the cones from a straight line to a couple of feet to affect angle of approach on each cone.