Puck Control Backward 01

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Hockey Drills - Puck Control Backward 01

Skill:    Puck control, skating, dekes, shooting.

Purpose:    Develop puck control while skating backwards and transitioning (north-south/east-west puck movement)

Directions:    Move the goal to the neutral zone on the boards close to the center line. Players line up next to the goal near the blue line. Skaters take a puck, transition to backwards and skate with the puck staying close to the blue line to the other side of the rink. The skater should use a good rhythm while carrying the puck tugging it towards their skate using forehand and backhand. Skaters transition to forward around cone and head back up the rink to the goal skating near the center line. Skater dekes around the cones/objects at center ice and continues to goal preparing for a shot. Skater shoots on goal and returns to end of line.  


Variations:    Good station drill. Transition around cone is a 360 turn simulating an escape turn vs. a standard transition from backward to forward.