Reverse Attacks

Skill:    Passing and Receiving while in transition, receiving a pass on the stick with cushion, quickly transitioning and shooting.

Purpose:    Skater uses tape to tape method of passing for developing accuracy. Skater develops transition and hand/eye coordination used to receive, control, and pass accurately. Skater learns to gain control of the puck transition and quickly shoot on goal.

Directions:    Skaters are lined up in the same corner at the goalie line. At the directions of the leader the first player takes off and quickly transitions to backwards. As this first player is transitioning backwards the second player in line gives the first player a tape to tape pass. The first player receives this pass, transitions to forward while skating around the top of the face-off circle, skates into the slot and takes a shot on goal. He then skates to the opposite corner ready to perform the drill again. As soon as the first player had gained control of  the pass the second player in line takes off and transitions, receiving a pass from the next player in line performing the same route. The complete group finishes quickly and is ready to start again in the opposite corner. This also works the goalie from both sides of the rink and has him getting shot on every few seconds. The group should be able to do 2 - 3 repetitions within 1 minute.

Variations:    Can be used as a warm-up drill.