Russian Weave (follow your pass)

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Russian Weave (follow your pass)

Skill:    Timing, read and react, puck support, and setting up for a quick flow attack on net.

Purpose:    Develop timing and strong passing/receiving skills to make a quick flow attacks on net

Directions:   Skaters are in 3 lines below the goal line, pucks start in the middle line. Skater 1 passes to Skater 2 wide then follows his pass to Skater 2's lane. Skater 3 skates forward to the blue line for puck support. Skater 2 cuts to the middle and passes to Skater 3. Skater 3 receives and passes the puck wide to Skater 1 and skates to the middle lane as Skater 2 continues to Skater 3's wide lane. Skaters continue to zig zag to the offensive zone and set up a triangle attack on goal.

Variations:    Regroup in the offensive zone and return to the original starting point goal for the triangle attack. Begin the next group as the 1st group is returning for their attack to create traffic and heads up play.