Snakebites 2

Skill:    Use of edges, speed, puck handling, and shooting

Purpose:    Skater uses both skate edges to complete sharp turns and stops or to maneuver pucks through the cones. Works goalie on quick recoveries while shots come from multiple directions.

Directions:    Cones are placed to create points of action for skaters. Divide the skaters into 2 groups, one for each course. At the directions of the leader skaters traverse the wide snake course circling the cones. The next skater in line can begin at a pace that the skaters don't run over each other. Once they complete the wide snake course they skate to the high slot and shoot on goal and switch to the puck handling course. The skaters in the puck handling line will traverse through the medium snake course, cross the blue line, then traverse back down the straight snake course. Once they complete the straight snake course they pass to the next person in the puck handling course line and switch to wide snake line.

Variations:    Forward. Backward. Tight turns at cones (forehand and backhand). Stops at cones.