Standard Defense Breakout

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Skill:    Long distance shot on goal, speed and control of puck, accuracy zone passing using the boards, accuracy tape to tape passing. Goalie deflects/moves puck out of danger to quiet zone, recovers, and sets up for next attack from opposite side.

Purpose:    Develop a standard TEAM defensive zone break out that assigns specific responsibilities to specific positions for moving the puck out of the Defensive Zone. Develops players ability to react to specific game scenarios to control the puck, support the defenseman with the puck, and move the puck quickly out of the zone while maintaining control.

Directions:    Cones can be placed at points of action to aid skaters. Skaters are in 4 High Formation on the center line. At the directions of the leader the forward skates across the blue line and takes a long range shot on goal. Goalie deflects the shot on goal to the shot side quiet zone. The defenseman races to the puck and gets control preparing to pass  using the boards to the offenseman who is rounding the merry-go-round (bottom of the face-off circle). Offenseman receives pass off board, gets control of puck, then passes to the next Forward when 4 High.

Variations:    4 High Formation (no attack on goalie). 5 High Formation (Center attacks goal for rebound)

5 High - Add Center. Center races to goal to pick up any bad deflects by goalie. Center then races back to blue line to receive cross lane pass from offenseman completing his route.