Team Defense - 1F on 2D

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Hockey Drills - Team Defense - 1F on 2D

Skill:    Recognizing when defense outnumbers the attack and taking advantage of numbers. Containment and gap control on an attacker using the 3 rules of defense (see Curriculum)

3 Rules of Defense

  1. Make a wedge - Force the attacker to an outside lane
  2. Get attacker on backhand side - The backhand side is weaker and it will take 2 moves to get back on forehand for a shot
  3. Physical contact between blue line and top of circles - Have to cause shooter problems before he can set up

Purpose:    Develop a team strategy to handle a single attacker. Force the attacker away from a good shooting position. Force the attacker off the puck. Timing to gain possession of the puck or to handle a beat defenseman.

Directions:    Players are set up 3 Low in corner. On the signal of the Leader the Forward takes the puck up and over the Blue line and attempts to head back and attack the goal. While the Forward skates to the blue line the 2 Defense set up to defend the attacker. The strong side Defense is responsible for the body of the attacker while the offside Defense closely supports. The offside Defense takes the puck if the strong side Defense can move the attacker off it. The offside Defense picks up the attacker if the strong side Defense is getting beat.

Variations:    This is a difficult drill requiring good communication skills between the defense. Once the kids get it they will use it. The difficult part will be in getting the offside defenseman to engage in the 2 on 1 to be ready to pick up the puck or pick up the attacker.