Skill:    Timing the pass, preventing off-sides, shooting while skating using the 3 zones

Purpose:    Develop a player's ability to time his zone pass to the wing with no off-sides allowed. Develop a shooter's ability to quickly control the puck and set up the most quality shot that he can. Develop a center's skill to attack the goal.

Directions:    Cones are set up to force wingers to swing around them to receive a pass. Players are set up 3 High at the center line around the face off circle. Wing lines take turns at attacking with a center. At the directions of the leader the winger skates to the boards and swings around the cone heading for the blue line. The center times a zone pass across the blue line to bank off the boards in front of the attacking winger (if winger goes off-side or pass does not cross blue, start sequence over). Winger skates through face off circle creating an angle of attack while the center rushes to the goal to pick up any deflects. Winger takes their best shot on goal using the 3 zones of shooting (load, aim/fire, and follow). 

Variations:    The winger has the choice to shoot or pass to the center on the weak side back door.