Horse shoe 2 Warm-up

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Hockey Drills - Horseshoe 2 Warm-up

Skill:    Area passing and timing, skating, shooting, and puck handling

Purpose:    Warm-up/pre-game drill

Directions:    Skaters form a line at center ice. At the directions of the leader the 1st in line (Skater 1) swings to the boards then into the offensive zone receiving an area pass from the 2nd in line (Skater 2). Skater 1 then skates toward the goal and shoots. Skater 1 continues behind the net to the opposite corner and picks up a puck. Skater 1 heads up the boards and passes the puck to the line at center ice as he reaches the face-off circle. Skater 1 then returns to the back of the line.

Skater 2 begins his iteration of the drill as soon as he makes the area pass to Skater 1.

Variations:    Set up attack on goal to be from opposite side (a mirror of above) similar to Reverse Attacks