Hockey Rules


Ice Hockey and Inline Hockey rules will be different depending on the Oraganizations that you play for. Below I start out with the Governing Bodies for International and National play.


Being familiar with the current rules of the hockey sport and hockey organization/event that you are participating in will help coaches, players, and fans to understand and enjoy the game more. You will also gain more respect for what hockey referees are held accountable for knowing, interpreting, seeing in the action (at and away from the puck), and making the call.


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Inline Hockey

Ice Hockey


Federation de International Roller Sports
FIRS World Championships

International Governing Body


USA Roller Sports (USARS)

National Governing Body (NGB)


American Inline Hockey League (AIHL)

National Elite and Minor League (USARS Rules)


USARS/AAU and Junior Olympics

National/International Competition


Inline Hockey Assc of Arizona (IHAAZ)

Statewide (AZ) Youth Competition


North American Roller Hockey Championships

National/International Competition

(2009 - Current inline Rule Book)


International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

Inline (2005 - Current Inline Rule Book)

International Competition








































NHL Hockey Official Rules

Professional National Hockey League


International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

International Governing Body


USA Hockey Rule book and Case book

National Governing Body (NGB)


NCAA Hockey Rule book and Case book

USA Colleges D1 and DIII



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