Hockey Terms


Understanding Hockey Terms will help you enjoy the watching hockey games. Both Ice Hockey and Inline Hockey use several of the same terms although there are specific hockey terms to each sport. Also see Hockey Rules


Assist-One point given to a player who helps to set up a goal. It is usually given to the last two offensive players who touch the puck before the goal.


Backcheck-A forward's attempt to regain the puck on their way back to their defensive zone.


Breakout-When a team comes out of their defensive zone with the puck.


Charging-When more than three strides are taken before checking another player.


Crease-The semi-circle area in front of the goal.


Cross Checking-To hit a player with both hands on the stick while the stick is not touching the ice.


Face-Off-To start play by dropping the puck in between facing opponents.


Forecheck-To keep opponents in their end while trying to recover the puck.


Freezing the Puck-When the puck is held against the board with a stick or a skate.


Hat Trick-When a player scores three goals in one game.


Headmanning-When a player passes the puck ahead to a teammate.


High Sticking-When a player brings their stick above shoulder level. It is a penalty when used against another player.


Hooking-To slow down an opponent with the blade of your stick.


Icing-When the puck travels from behind the center red line over the other team's red goal line.

Interference-To keep a player from playing the puck when they are not directly involved with a play.


Major Penalty-A five minute penalty.


Minor Penalty-A two minute penalty.


Misconduct Penalty-A ten minute penalty against an individual player but not the team - so a sub is allowed.


Neutral Zone-The center of the rink between the two opposing zones.


Offsides-When players enter the offensive zone before the puck.


The Point-The spot just inside the opposing team's blue line near the boards.


Poke Check-To take the puck away with a short jab with the blade of a stick.


Power Play-When a team has more players on the ice than their opponents due to a penalty.


Pull the Goalie-When a team removes their goalie in order to add another forward on the ice.


Roughing-Minor shoves resulting in a minor penalty.


Slashing-When a player swings their stick and strikes another player.


Spearing-To use your stick like a spear.


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