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My Inline Hockey Clubs

I started my inline hockey coaching in 1999 at the Castle Sports Club in Phoenix, AZ. My first group of travel inline hockey were 92s at the age of 8 in 2000. I went on to coach several of the age and skill levels of inline hockey at the Castle within the Team Excalibur Hockey Club. I later became the Head Staff coach of the hockey club. We had a strong group of youth competing with Team Excalibur nationally and we became one of the clubs to beat. As our club moved to competing within USARS/AAU, the National Governing Body (NGB) of Roller Sports, I got involved in the National Inline Hockey Program and was fortunate to coach several of Team USA age groups at the International level of the AAU Junior Olympics.


As the hockey world evolved so did our hockey program. Team Excalibur youth inline hockey became Phoenix Dragons adult inline hockey as our youth aged out. The Phoenix Dragons compete nationally in the American Inline Hockey League. We do have some older youth that compete regionally under the Phoenix Dragons flag.


Team USA Women's Inline Hockey

Team USA
Women's Inline Hockey


Allison Era - Team USA


Phoenix Arizona Dragons Inline Hockey

Phoenix Dragons
Inline Hockey Club

Phoenix Arizona Team Excalibur Inline Hockey

Team Excalibur
Inline Hockey Club


Team USA Southwest


My Ice Hockey Clubs

I just finished my first year of national travel inline hockey in 2000 and my daughter Allie started playing ice hockey also that summer. With 2 years of inline coaching under belt and 1 year of watching top youth play nationally at various age and skill levels, my friend Darrell talked me into coaching ice hockey. I had to learn to ice skate that season and Darrell put me on his adult team. I started coaching recreactional hockey with the 9U in the fall. My focus was on teaching skills and the game and not necessarily having to win the game. I seemed to always have a good group of kids that shared the puck and we seemed to always have one of the top teams at the end of the season. At the rec level my teams won the championships in their senior year of their age groups. I have some great videos of exciting game finishes. Another friend of mine who coached against me wanted Allie to play travel B boys ice hockey with his RoadRunners team and me to coach with him. Jim is one of those coaches that loves the game wants good players to play. He never treated Allie as the girl on the team and neither did any of her team mates. Allie became the Captain of the Squirt RoadRunners her second season.


LA Selects Girls Ice Hockey Club

LA Selects
Girls Ice Hockey Club

Brophy Broncos High School Ice Hockey Club

Brophy Broncos
HS Ice Hockey Club

Phoenix Arizona Team Excalibur Inline Hockey

Team Excalibur
Ice Hockey Club


AZ Selects Girls Ice Hockey Club

AZ Selects
Girls Ice Hockey Club

Peoria Roadrunners Ice Hockey Club

Peoria AZ Roadrunners
Ice Hockey Club

Polar Ice - Peoria

Polar Ice Peoria
Rec Hockey Leagues




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